Wow, way to sell me out to Meredith on Emile there Fenris

"I’m sure you want to loot the camp, yes? Talk to me when you are done"

Zev knows what’s up

I decided to play some DA2 to try and cheer me up but I have Garahel’s helm in my inventory and just got really emotional about Last Flight oops


Has anyone ever submitted this recipe? Its absolutely perfect for sweet toothed dragonkin and other gem eaters! This recipe takes a bit of patience, but its cheap and absolutely satisfying. I think its an interesting spin on just plain rock candy, and it looks very realistic. Definitely recommend giving it a try!


why can’t idris elba be batman

I’m sorry, I don’t think today’s going to be a good day for me

Between getting anxiety from one of the few friends I have that hardly ever give me anxiety to feeling like crap because someone else washed the dishes I was supposed to…I’m not in the best of moods

=/ my main chore around the house this week is washing dishes and last night I was just like “well there aren’t too many of them so I’ll just do them in the morning”

I came downstairs just now to find them already washed and now I feel bad.

The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy.